A close-up of a female doctor or medical researcher wearing protective gear, mask and face shield in a laboratory.

HealthFirst MVP (Mobile Virus Protection) is our specialized division offering commercial sanitizing services here in Michigan. We offer superior commercial sanitizing services to eliminate harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses (including COVID-19). We are ready to put our team of experienced sanitizing professionals at your disposal. Our EPA approved Eco-friendly disinfectant and sanitizing services, will help create a healthier, safer, and provide that peace of mind that your within a safe comfortable environment.

To maximize the impact of our commercial disinfecting services we pay special attention to the most touched areas, where germs are most likely to transfer from one person to another. These areas include faucet handles, door handles, reception desks, checkout areas, and a number of other high traffic touched surfaces. Call us for a free estimate. Available 24 hours a day